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  • Earthquake Preparedness

    Earthquake Preparedness

    You may experience an earthquake while living in Orange County. Make sure that your emergency kit is set up to get you and your family through one.
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  • America’s Preparathon

    America’s Preparathon

    Join your local community and the rest of the country on April 30th as we all practice emergency preparedness.
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  • School Assemblies

    School Assemblies

    Get your school prepared with a dynamic and exciting assembly delivered by Officer Friendly and his companion Ready Fox.
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  • CERT Training

    CERT Training

    Do you want to help your local community during a natural disaster? Click below to find out when and where your local CERT team meets.
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  • American Fears

    What Scares You?

    Nationwide study by Chapman University names American’s top fears, including terrorism and natural disasters.
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